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Ahlan wa Sahlan -- Welcome! Our weekly newsletter has recipes, exercises, book reviews, beauty tips and news about dance! Subscribe here! We also keep several issues on our Articles page. Click here and check it out!

New in September:

Check it out!

Come visit us and watch a class any time. You're always welcome! If you want to try it out, it's $12 -- and that fee applies to your session price if you like it and enroll.

Take a dance class!

New classes for beginners start Tues., September 2. You can enroll early, or on the first day of class. Come to Safira's Center for World Dance, 2919 E. Kellogg Drive. Cost begins at $70 for 7 weeks. Click on "fees" (to the left) to get prices.


  • Tues. 5:45-- Belly Sculpting (belly dance + 30 min. of abs)
  • Tues. 7:00-- Tribal Fusion Fundamentals
  • Wed. 7:15-- The Art of Bellydance!
  • Sat. 10:15-- The Art of Bellydance!
  • Adv. Beginner through Advanced -- Welcome! Contact Safira

October Happenings

Jump in and dance!

These classes are ok to start in mid-session:

  • Tues. 5:45-- Belly Sculpting (belly dance + 25 min. of abs)
  • Tues. 7:00-- Tribal Fusion Fundamentals
  • Adv. Beginner through Advanced -- Welcome! Contact Safira

Bellydance Murder Mystery!

Did you know Safira was also a writer? She's published her full-length mystery, Jezebel Died Dancing, on this website. Click here or on the Articles button above to read the novel. See the video introduction to the left. Enjoy a mystery story and learn about belly dance as Safira shares in fictional form some of her real-life, nonfictional belly gram experiences.

Summer Weather Policy:

If supercell thunderstorms with tornadoes, straight-line winds or large hail are near and approaching Wichita, there will be no class. After the severe weather passes, there will be class again. For instance, 7:00 pm classes may meet after a 5:00 p.m. storm passes. Use your judgement! If a tornado approaches during class (which has never yet happened), students will bring purses and cell phones -- no dance bags -- into the bathrooms. Our building has concrete and brick walls, and a double ceiling above the bathrooms.