Please write or phone us if you need more info. We enjoy hearing from people who are interested in dance!

Some questions we hear often:

Where is the studio?

We're at 2919 E. Kellogg Drive, two blocks west of Hillside on Kellogg. Exit at Hillside, go block south to Orme. Turn right, travel 2 blocks to Chautauqua. Turn. In 2 blocks, Chautauqua will curve into Kellogg Drive. One more block, and you're there. Park in our lot, or in the ample street.

What's the studio like?

We have two professional suspended dance floors, 1100 sq. ft. and 500 sq. ft. The large studio has mirrors on two walls. The smaller studio has one mirrored wall. We also have a student lounge and restrooms. We have central air conditioning. We have hanging saris and carpets and romantic lights for a party atmosphere!

Do you rent space in the studio?

Yes, we do. Our professional sprung floors are ideal for ballet, tough enough for flamenco and tap, and fast enough for ballroom. Scroll down for photos, details, prices.

What's the studio's bad weather policy?

For ice and snow, we close when WSU closes. For swift-moving severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, class will be cancelled during the approach of the storm and during the storm. Classes scheduled after the storm will take place as usual. If a tornado approaches during class, students will take purses and cell phones (no dance bags) and go to the two restrooms.

What do I wear to class?

Belly dancers wear exercise wear (yoga pants and stretch top or any comfortable, loose-fitting clothing). Bare feet are fine. Bring socks or dance shoes. Flamenco students must wear flamenco shoes. Wear regular shoes on the first day, and we'll help you order them.

Do I need a hip scarf for belly dance?

It's fun and helpful to tie on a big colorful scarf to see how your hips are moving. Scarves with beads and coins are also available on ebay, on the internet and in our studio.

Is it okay if my body isn't perfect?

Our classes are for women and men of all ages and figure types!

Do I have to be a good dancer before I enroll?

Our classes are about what you feel inside. Our job is to help you learn. Your job is to be patient with yourself while you're learning, trust yourself, and practice between lessons. Anyone can be a good dancer!

How do I sign up?

Print off our registration form or sign up the first day of class. Classes are filled on a first-come basis.

When do I pay for class?

You can pay early and reserve your spot in the class, or pay on the first day at the beginning of class.

Can I try out a class?

Sure! Come and watch a class any time for free. Or if you wish, take a class for $12. If you like it and sign up, it applies toward your session fee.

Can I join in mid-session?

It's okay to join late. If you're comfortable as a fast learner, come join the fun! Experienced classes are ongoing. You can start any time.

How many students are in each class?

Beginning belly dance classes average 8 students. Advanced and specialty classes average 5 to 15 students.

If I miss a class, what do I do?

You are very welcome to come to another class to make up your missed lesson. It's a good idea, too, so you won't fall behind.

What is your refund policy?

We don't want you to lose the chance to take a dance class! We schedule studio hours and hire our staff based on enrollment, so we don't give refunds after the session has begun, but we do have a very flexible make up plan. Currently-enrolled students are very welcome to make up missed classes by attending on an extra night. You can make up missed classes even after the session is over, if you're still enrolled and taking classes!

What's it like to rent the studio?

Our professional sprung floors are ideal for ballet, tough enough for flamenco and tap, and fast enough for ballroom.

  • Studio A: 22 x 48', 1080 sq. ft. 30' mirror on long wall, 15' mirror on short wall. Marley-like surface. $25/hr. or $20/hr/mo.
  • Studio B: 20 x 24', 480 sq. ft., 15' mirror. Commercial vinyl surface. $12/hr. or $10/hr/mo.
  • Possible unlock fee for new renters.
  • 3 freestanding ballet barres.
  • Sound system in each studio for CD, MP3
  • Carpeted break room with sofa, loveseat, fridge and sink
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Ground floor, quiet residential/commercial neightborhood
  • 12 space lot plus ample close street parking