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Welcome to Safira's!

Raks al Dounya means, Dance oh World, and reflects our philosophy. At Safira's, we are all about well-being, good health, world culture -- and dance. We're sharing easy, healthy recipes for tropical and Mediterranean foods, book reviews, exercises, beauty tips, and dance news. Subscribe here and be a part of our world! Click here to see our website! And feel free to forward this to your family and friends!

Upper Arm Exercises

In our Belly Sculpt class, we work the triceps, or upper arms. An untoned upper arm is no fun--it encourages you to wear sleeves, even if the weather's beautiful and the rest of you is in great shape. So here goes. Unfortunately, it's no pain, no gain. But only for about 1 1/2 minutes, three times per week!

First, you can do push-ups. Do them with your arms only about 10 to 12 inches apart. Keep your elbows tucked in, next to your body, and you will be working your triceps as well as your pecs and abs. This is hard! I place my hands on a weight bench rather than the floor, and do 15. Sometimes I have to take little breaks. Then I widen my arms and do 15 regular push-ups on the bench. At home, you can use a chair instead. It will give you a good amount of work if you're not strong enough to do them on the floor. Start with two sets of 5.

Another good tricep exercise is a dumbbell curl. You will need a doorway and a weight. You can start with a can of beans, a water bottle, a 5-lb. dumbbell, or something even heavier if you're stronger. Hold the weight in your hand, with your elbow up toward the ceiling and the weight hanging down behind you at about shoulder level. Stand in the doorway. Place your elbow on the door frame. Your arm will be close to your body. In fact, your body will touch the door frame. Now straighten your arm and lift the weight up towards the ceiling. Do two sets of 5. There you go! You should notice the first bit of difference in two weeks.

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Dance Classes

Our May session starts Sat., May 3. It's not too late to jump in! Here are our classes for beginners. Click here to get more info!

  • Tues. 5:45-- Belly Sculpting (belly dance + 30 min. of abs)
  • Tues. 7:00-- Tribal Fusion Fundamentals
  • Tues. 7:00-- Flamenco
  • Wed. 7:15-- The Art of Bellydance
  • Sat. 10:15-- The Art of Bellydance
  • Advanced Beginners thru Advanced: Welcome! Contact Safira

See Us Dance

Thurs., April 24: See us at the Lion's Club Pancake Day at Century II Exhibition Hall, 6:30 pm. Come eat pancakes and sausage and help contribute to the Lions' many charities.

Sat., May 17: See our Baila! World Dance Show, 8:00 p.m. at our studio, 2919 E. Kellogg Drive. We convert the studio to a theater, and share our dances with you -- Mid-Eastern and Tribal Fusion belly dance, flamenco, and gypsy fusion. We also provide snacks. Cost: $7.00.

Come join us at Safira's to be the healthy, fit, beautiful woman that it's in you to be! Good luck with every part of your life. Remember to believe in yourself and be kind to yourself. And stay in touch!
Safira Zeki

Photography of Safira's dancers courtesy of David Staples

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