Safira Zeki
Our Mission

Our Instructors


Ayita, named for an ancient Ombudu war dance, is a performer at Safira’s Center for World Dance. She learned to dance the Polka as soon as she could walk. She was a roller disco princess. She was a ballroom instructor at Arthur Murray’s in the 80’s. She continued her ballroom studies at WSU in the 90’s, even competing in a Latin Smooth Styles ProAm at 8months pregnant. Her love of & experience in folk/native and modern dances lend well to her ability to fuse almost any music style to belly dance.


Kalila studied modern dance as a teenager and now studies and performs with Safira's Center for World Dance.  She studies belly dance and gypsy, but has a particular affinity for tribal fusion, with its edgy and expressive style. Her 2012 training schedule includes workshops with Elena Lentini, Rachel Brice and Amy Sigil. When not dancing, Kalila enjoys traveling, scuba diving, yoga and reading. 


Dahlia has been training and performing at Safira’s Center for World Dance since 2009. She danced as part of the opening act for The Bellydance Superstars. Dahlia is also training to earn her 4th degree black belt in the Korean martial art of Taekwondo. She has taught Taekwondo since 2006, helping students from age 4 to adult, beginners to black belts. Dahlia believes that the strength and body control required for martial arts is a practical complement to the grace and elegance required for dance.

Our Staff

Tim Seitz:

Tim has a PhD in Engineering Science and Mechanics from Virginia Tech, and an executive MBA from Harvard. So what does he actually prefer? Call him Dr. Tango. He teaches Argentine Tango at the studio. He also is the webmaster for this site, and runs Safira's business. Tim also enjoys several forms of ballroom dance, including the smooth, rhythm, and swing forms.

David Staples:

David says he's a "technician," but he raises technique to art by meticulous attention to detail. For instance, what a sacrifice last summer, when he spent 2 hours photographing women with a snake! When not photographing belly dancers, he's a wedding photographer. See David's photos on our home page and show gallery as well.

Elaine Kinder:

Elaine's career is Massage Therapy, and her avocation is playing doumbek in the Big Bad Bagdad Band with Jayla and many Middle Eastern dancers from our area. She's there to greet students the first day of class and help them enroll, and she keeps our tuition orderly and organized. We are very grateful!


Jayla teaches Middle Eastern dance through the Parks and Recreation Department, and takes many classes at the Park Board and at Safira's. She is also a member of the Big Bad Bagdad Band, and dances with the Troupe Cleopatra. At Safira's, she manages ticket sales, consignment goodies like zills and hip wraps, and helps Elaine welcome you to class! (She's pictured with a friend at the Renaissance Festival.)